Innovation is an essential value for our business

We have been developing innovative projects in the field of applied engineering for more than 50 years

 R&D Department

Our R&D department, which is headed by one of our most experienced engineers, dedicates an average of 27,000 annual hours to this activity. For this purpose, we have vast experience, the necessary technical means and 100% of the internal knowledge.

Among our activities, in the field of research, development and innovation, stand out the in-house design and development of:

  • Highly specialized machinery and robots, to be incorporated into production lines.

  • Prototypes of machinery for the aerospace and automotive industry as well as other sectors that need production improvement in their work lines.

Delta Group has developed 4 patents dedicated to the automation/robotization of the preforms of composite parts

DRTM and DLRI lead to the reinvention of the manufacturing process with dry fibers

In recognition of the successful work carried out by Delta during all these years, the Group has been awarded with the following prizes:

R&D Prize

Ejecutivos Magazine

IX Edition

YEAR 2014

Innovative SME

Foro Pyme Galicia

III Edition

YEAR 2015