We have extensive experience in the development of turnkey projects related to the design and the manufacture of tools and assembly jigs.

These include the entire process: project study and lay-out design, development of specific tools and operations automation.

All the tools and capital equipment are manufactured in-house, being Delta Group responsible for:

  • Design concept

  • 2D and 3D design (CATIA – all versions)

  • Calculation of finite elements (CATIA)

  • Mechanical welding and metal forming


  • Machining on 5 axis up to 24 meters: lathes, milling machines, wire and die-sinking EDM, grinding machines,…

  • Thermal treatments

  • Stress relief

  • Superficial treatments

  • Air tightness tests: helium, vacuum bag, penetrating liquids,…

  • Metrology: 4 CMM’s (up to 12m), 2 Rommer, 3 Laser-Tracker and 3 headed scanner for CNC Machines with 3D measurement, with digitalization software (Reverse engineering)

  • Electrical installations (XELEC)

  • Pneumatics (XFLUID)

  • Hydraulics

  • Set-up

  • Commissioning

  • CE certification

We are experts in the design and manufacture of tools

for composite parts manufacturing for the different productive processes:

  • Superplastic forming

  • Hand Lay-up

  • RTM

  • Trimming and inspection

  • ATL

  • Fiber Placement

  • Autoclave curing

  • Hot-Forming

  • Press-Forming

Some projects carried out by Delta Group

Intellectual Property Delta components

Curing tools

Assembly jigs

Trimming tools

Handling equipment

Drilling hole diagrams

Welding and metal forming


Control equipment

Self-heated tools

Welding equipment

Metrology tools

Superplastic tools

Hot-Forming tools

RTM tools