The current spanish Minister of Development, Ana Pastor, along with congressional and senatorial aspirants Irene Garrido, Elvira Larriba and Dolores Pan, and also with José Manuel Figueroa and Miguel Fidalgo (Chairman and General Secretary of the PP political party in Vigo), visited the Valladares Technological and Logistical Park.

During the visit to the Delta Vigo facilities, Ms Pastor encouraged the creation of knowledge-based technology companies that generate employment to avoid the drain of educated youth. «In order for them not to have to leave Vigo, because we have companies of a very high level, as advanced as in other parts of the world.»

She also emphasized that Delta Vigo, a company created 64 years ago, «Has been evolving according to the environment. The technology that is patented here goes to many places in the world, because in Vigo we know how to add value. Betting on employment is betting on technological innovation and development. Reinvesting in companies and in technological value makes us more competitive.”